Topper's Rhum

All Natural • Handmade in ST. Maarten • All Natural  •  Premium Rhum


The World's Best Tasting Rhum



We started making all natural flavored rhums for Topper's Restaurant & Bar so that we could give a complimentary after dinner drink to our guests. These rhums are based on concoctions that we have been perfecting since 1994. The customers fell in love with our creations and constantly asked if we could bottle our rhum so that they could take it home and share it with their friends.


Just like our food, we pride ourselves on quality, flavor and knowing our customer’s desires. Topper’s Rhum uses all natural flavors that are characteristic of the tropics. We blend these with our premium Caribbean rhum to create a delicate and true-to-it’s-flavor spirit with an undeniably smooth finish.


Every detail of our product is carefully considered and unprecedented. Our rhum is handmade, bottled, and packaged with precision right here in St. Maarten.


Topper’s is a true sipping rhum that you can enjoy straight or over ice. It is also designed to blend perfectly in cocktails, frozen drinks, mixed with other flavors, or other drinks. You can pour it over ice cream, and it is also a wonderful ingredient in cooking and baking.


Our rhum is packaged in beautiful colored glass bottles with swing top closures. The bottles are collectables and reusable as vases, decorative glass, table lamps, oil & vinegar bottles, salt & pepper shakers, water bottles and so much more.


Winning Gold and more medals than any of its competitors in major competitions proves that Topper’s Rhum is literally “The World’s Best Tasting Rhum.”


Stop by Topper's Restaurant & Bar or Topper's Rhum Distillery for a FREE rhum tasting! The distillery is open for tours daily by appointment.


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Topper’s Caribbean White Rhum

is a superior white rhum that is crystal clear and mild with an extraordinarily smooth finish without any burn. Truly the finest drinking rhum in the world. Enjoyable on its own, this light rhum is also perfect for mixing into any great cocktail.


Topper’s Spiced Rhum

is an ultra smooth blend of premium Caribbean rhum and the abundant flavors of the finest island spices. This medium bodied spiced rhum is perfect to sip straight, over ice or mixed with cola. This masterpiece is ready to be enjoyed!


Topper’s Coconut Rhum

has an incredible flavor and aroma that tastes like a day at the beach. Natural fresh coconut and premium Caribbean rhum are expertly blended to achieve a smooth finish. This rhum is delightful on the rocks, with juice or mixed with pineapple for the best piña colada you will ever taste.


Topper’s Mocha Mama Rhum

brings together an outstanding blend of premium Caribbean rhum, rich roasted coffee and decadent chocolate with notes of vanilla in one indulgent spirit. This is a fabulous after dinner treat, addition to your coffee or delight any time of day.


Topper’s White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum

is an exceptional blend of flavors including premium Caribbean rhum, natural raspberries and creamy, rich white chocolate. This astounding rhum is equally enjoyable over ice or as a premium ingredient in a variety of cocktails.


Topper’s Banana Vanilla Cinnamon Rhum

abounds with the flavors of sun ripened bananas, fresh vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks. It’s blended to perfection so that each sip is mellow, smooth and every all natural flavor is equally represented. It doesn’t get any more Caribbean than this!

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